About Us

About “Mifalot Hinuch” 

The “Mifalot Hinuch” Company was founded in 2011 in order to enable master’s degree graduates to register for a doctorate degree a variety of programs offered by recognized universities in Romania.

“Mifalot Hinuch” offers diverse part-time programs in leading universities in Romania and provides academic and administrative support to students towards a doctorate degree.

We have acquired very broad experience in two main areas: matching the correct university to the requirements of the doctoral student, and providing professional academic support during the doctoral studies in all fields. Therefore, the number of graduates who complete their doctoral studies through “Mifalot Hinuch” increases each year, with most of them holding key positions in public, private and academic sectors in Israel.

The objective of “Mifalot Hinuch” is to enable Israelis to undergo a different learning experience, to enjoy doctoral studies with the participation of leading lecturers who are highly committed to the students’ success and their desire to become part of the international academic community.
Our company cooperates with Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iași, West Timisoara University, Bucharest University, Timisoara Polytechnic (for engineering studies), University of Suceava, and the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

The foundations on which the doctoral studies program is based are an understanding of the needs of Israeli students, together with exposure to the thinking of academic institutions in Romania. This combination enables the students to discover new and fascinating worlds, without compromising on the quality of their studies, and to ensure the contribution of their doctorate to research and academic world.

“Mifalot Hinuch” is committed to providing efficient and reliable service to applicants and students, starting from the application stage throughout the entire period of study in the university.

“Mifalot Hinuch” is managed by Dr. Jacob Sobovitz, who completed his PhD in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Semmelweis University in Budapest.

Our Advantages

• The “Mifalot Hinuch” Company has accumulated more than 22 years of experience in providing training and counseling regarding doctoral studies in Romania.

• We offer diverse areas of expertise in unique doctoral programs for Israelis, in English, given in universities in Romania.
• All of institutions are public universities in Romania and the degrees are recognized by the Council for Higher Education, with authorization by the Israeli Ministry of Education regarding universities being allowed to grant a doctoral degree.
• The curriculum enables completion of a doctoral degree in three years of study, with the learning taking place through the part-time method combined with workshops held in the universities, with close accompaniment by an academic supervisor.

Dr. Jacob Sobovitz

Dr. Yaakov Sobovitz began his career in academic counseling and organization after retiring from the Ministry of Education after 23 years as a physical education supervisor in the Ministry of Education’s Haifa District. He was a volleyball coach for many years and trained all of the senior leagues in Israel. He taught many teachers in various courses, including educational administration, history, geography, physical education, business administration, and more.
He has written five books and many professional articles, and has served as a member of international history of physical education organizations, CESH and ISHPES.

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